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Academic Life

D-2 Application for Overseas Applicants 
  • Required documents 

Application form, Passport, 1 Passport photo(taken within 6 months), Certificate of applicant’s bank balance(at least USD 15,000, home currency is also possible), Certificate of Enrollment, Registration number of educational institution(issued by the university), Original or notarized Certificate of graduation(transcript) issued by the most recent school attended and Original Academic Record Verification

※ A copy of family relationship certificate (e.g. birth certificate) is additionally required if the bank account belongs to a family member, not to the applicant

※ Certificate of Enrollment and Registration number of educational institution can be issued after students pay their tuition.(Documents can be sent by post to students)

※ Korea Aerospace University does not have any responsibility for cancelling admission due to visa disapproval by the Korean Embassy in consideration of student’s financial ability, educational background or any other.


Alien Registration Card 


  • Application form, Passport (1 original and 1 copy), Certificate of Enrollment or Admission, 1 Color Photo (3.5x4.5cm with white background, taken within 6 months), Processing fee 30,000 KRW (in Cash), Tuberculosis Screening (See below)

  • Payment method for Issuance of Alien Registration Card (re-issuance) fee has been changed to cash payment from January 2011 based on Immigration Regulation Article 73, Clause 1

  • Photo: Taken within the last 6 months, white background, 3.5cm*4.5cm, colored, full-face view directly facing the camera

Tuberculosis Screening 

According to the Justice Department policy, Tuberculosis screening is required for all international students who are eligible for foreigner registration. (Starting from 1st December 2014)

Recipient : International students from countries identified as high TB risk who are required for foreigner registration (D-2 Visa)

High Risk Countries: China, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka

TB Screening Method

Visit your nearest clinic → Get an exam → Receive a medical report on the next day

-Required documents: Passport, 1 photo(3*4), processing fee 1,500 KRW


Visa Extension


Undergraduate students with D-2(Overseas Study) visa

  • -Required Documents : Application, passport, Alien Registration Card, Certificate of Enrollment, Transcript, Certificate of tuition fee payment or scholarship, Real estate or contract paper(or certificate of residence), Certificate of applicant’s bank balance with at least 15,000,000KRW, Processing fee 60,000 KRW (Government Revenue Stamp)


Graduate school students D-2(Overseas Study) (preparing a thesis)

  • Eligibility : Foreigners who have to unavoidably stay in Korea for an extended period after completing a degree course to prepare a thesis or some other academic reasons

  • Extension period : (Undergraduate) Maximum of 2 years,(Master’s) Maximum of 3 years (Ph.D.) Maximum of 5 years

  • Required Documents-Application, Passport, Alien Registration Card, Certificate of Completion, transcript, Real-estate or contract paper(or certificate of residence), Processing fee 60,000 KRW (Government Revenue Stamp)-Recommendation letter by a professor (form available)

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